An ICF certified PCC level coach, I work with motivated individuals and executives to help them regain control of their life and achieve optimum performance.


A professional speaker, I present at large events and work with small groups, aiming to inspire change, promote passion, motivate and unite the audience.


A military and corporate executive with over 30 years experience, I work with like-minded charities like beyondblue and Soldier On.

I’m Andre Obradovic, I help you optimise your life


Using my understanding of neuroscience and the power of the brain, I will help you identify your challenges and goals and work with you to create a plan to move forward. This mental fitness is the foundation for your life, your challenges and achieving your goals.


I believe that our optimum performance requires a commitment to physical wellness and vitality. Whether you are an elite sportsperson, beginner triathlete or a stressed executive, I’ll help you achieve your peak physicality.


Our emotional intelligence and strength underpins everything that we do. I work with my clients to help them understand their emotions, strengths and weaknesses, to enhance their capabilities and emotional intelligence.


“I gained a clear understanding of what needed to change in order to achieve what I hadn’t had clarity on previously. Over the coming months I set new goals and action plan that would see improvements in my health, personal life and career.”

– Paul, Enterprise Sales Manager

“Andre’s ability to pick one or two things at a time continues to help me improve both my business and quality of life.”

– John Hampson, Tennis Coach, Sport

Get in touch with me if you wish to change your life work with me

If you wish to work with me apply now. I only work with a small number of athletes at any time. Everyone is interviewed and we will workout if we can work together and if there is a fit between us. 

Athlete Goal Form

Designed to communicate goals and achievements wanted to be achieved by the athlete.

    S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Realistic T = Time Bound
  • Details:

  • First Name Surname
  • Goals for the coming season.

  • 1.2.3. 
    Add a new row
    This is not the races this is your goals....based on performance/health/fitness/mindset etc
  • Analysing the coming season:

  • Date of Race, Distance, Location Priority of each i.e Berlin Marathon C Race New York Marathon A Race. NOTE: A race is the highest priority then B,C,D etc
  • Just make a list covering the aspects including lifestyle and training that you need to change
  • Time Available for Training