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Andre Obradovic delivers world-class coaching and programs that help you truly optimize your health performance and life.

I can help optimise weight loss, endurance, sleep with your mental, emotional and physical health.

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I've helped over 500 people optimise their health with my 1:1 Coaching, you can start today, take action now!

21 Day Program

Start your 21 day health transformation with my DIY program. For less than the cost of a coffee & muffin a day.

12 Week Program

This is my 12 week program where you learn everything you need to yourself. Learn all about loss, improving your sleep, how to exercise in a healthy manner, and lower your stress. Options for this DIY program can include some one on one coaching sessions also if you wish to add them in.

1 On 1 Coaching

If you want 1 on 1 Coaching then this is the program for you. This is my signature offering. This is dedicated 1 on 1 service. This program comes in 6/12 and 18 week options.

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My 3 Focus Areas

weight loss

Weight Loss

Get leaner, healthier and happier.
Optimise your body and maximise your longevity.
Don't struggle. Learn how to make better choices and lose unwanted, life-threatening fat.
Change your body composition faster than you ever thought possible.


Spend less time training.
Get stronger and faster without injury or inflammation.
Optimise your body and your athletic performance - with a program that optimises your whole life.


Wake up feeling rested and with energy to burn - don't start your day exhausted.
Good sleep isn't optional - it's essential for physical and mental health.
Sleep well, stay healthy, live better, live longer.

Here's What Clients Are Saying

Client Compilation

Listen to 3 of my awesome Clients, Kylie, Richard, David talk about our work together. Great people Great Stories. It is a 4 minute Video

Mike Madden

Listen to Mike Madden talk about the return on investment and how great the program was for him
in this short 1min 48 second video he talks about the amazing success he had.

Justine Kiely-Scott Retrain your Brain!

Listen to Justine talk about how she was able to lose 8kgs working with me in our coaching program during COVID19 without going to the gym! We talk about how she was coming to my cycling class as such an avid class member. We talk about that time before we started working together when she approached me just as the gyms were closing. She talks about the stupid mindset about calories in calories out. If you need to exercise to lose weight your approach to nutrition simply needs to change. Justine is an ex physical education teacher to, she was always thinking exercise was the key. She now knows it is all about nutrition.

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Dr Mark Testimonial – Sack me in 12 Weeks

Sack me in 12 weeks is the title of this short 2min video from Dr Mark. Tune into this as it is a very short version of what he thought about the program.
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Jonathan Doyle

Listen to Jonathan talk about his results and how we worked together to help him lose 12kgs, train better and perform at a higher level.
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Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson worked with me when he was in England in a very busy Executive role in one of the worlds biggest food service companies. He is such a funny guy and was a pleasure to work with.

Optimise These 3 Things

optimise 3 things


Using my understanding of neuroscience and the power of the brain, I will help you identify your challenges and goals and work with you to create a plan to move forward. This mental fitness is the foundation for your life, your challenges and achieving your goals.


I believe that our optimum performance requires a commitment to physical wellness and vitality. Whether your are an elite sportsperson, beginner triathlete or a stressed executive, I'll help you achieve your peak physicality.


Our emotional intelligence and strength underpins everything that we do, I work with my clients to help them understand their emotions, strengths and weakness, to enhance their capabilities and emotional intelligence.

Reclaim Your Body and Your Life 
with Andre Obradovic

After following the Conventional Stupidity approach to my fitness and nutrition for years, 2014 I realized that what I was doing was not working! My health had hit rock bottom, was massively stressed and in bad shape to deal with some significant life challenges.

I was running marathons and killing myself training. I though I was fit - but I wasn't healthy. I bottomed out physically and emotionally. I knew that I had to make a change to my life.

After a long career in the military and corporate leadership, I wasn't about to surrender. Instead, I mounted a campaign to find out how to optimise ME.

It took time, but I found solutions that worked - and they worked faster and more effectively that I would have believed.

So I started to share them - and the people I worked with blossomed - so I flipped my career.
Today I'm loving my life as a global health coach and athlete. I have more time for enjoying my family and my life that ever before AND I'm constantly delighted and affirmed by the results that my clients achieve.
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