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Do We Really Need to Eat Carbs?

Recently I was asked by a gym member what I thought about an article titled, “5 reasons you need to be eating carbs” that was written by a dietitian and published on the website of one of the gyms (Goodlife Health Clubs) where I work. Here is the article for your reference.

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How to Use Lock-Down Exercise Time to Improve Your Health

If you’re waking up to face our fourth lockdown in Melbourne this week, I feel your pain. Over the weekend, I noticed a large number of people walking the streets and taking to the park to bask in the sunshine and get that permitted exercise. It occurred to me that a number of people may […]

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Seriously, You’re Taking Health Advice From Adele?

“You’re kidding me. It’s called FCUK?” I was standing in the checkout line of a well-known pharmacy that, by the time I got there, had stretched past the cologne and perfumes. French Connection United Kingdom was just one of the crazy examples I saw of what I like to call conventional stupidity. Most of the […]

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Should You Trust the HRV Values Your Wearable is Giving You?

My experience as an athlete As a 53-year-old health coach and fitness trainer, I place huge importance on the optimization of my health. I also love to challenge what I call the conventional stupidity approach to health, fitness, and life. I do things a bit differently than most triathletes, marathoners, and personal trainers.  I fundamentally […]

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Time to Finally Get a Divorce!

For 48 years of my life, I was in love with oats, bread, pasta, rice, fruit, and all that ‘healthy’ food that I was led to believe was great for me; it would keep me fit and lean and provide me with sufficient energy for the day.  I was deeply in love and I would […]

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Overcoming "Conventional Stupidity"

“Studies show that if you exercise for more than an hour a day, you increase the risk of heart disease.”  As a personal trainer and a good human, I have a responsibility to my clients to provide them with the best advice based on up-to-date science.  I recently saw a post on Facebook that generated […]

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