Get Healthy, Live Longer With Andre's 12 Week DIY Program

A 12 week program where you learn everything you need to do it yourself. Learn all about weight loss, improving your sleep, how to exercise in a healthy manner and lower your stress. Options for the DIY program can include some one on one coaching sessions also if you wish to add them in.


Are You Struggling With Weight Loss, Sleep and Feeling Stressed?

Are You Experiencing These Problems?

Insidious weight gain as you get older
No matter how much you exercise you still fail to meet your weight loss goals
You wake up tired worn out and find it hard to get motivated
You lack self confidence to get out and exercise
You worry about your health and don't know what to do
You are confused by all the advice out there and you really want expert help
reclaim your body

It's Time To Reclaim Your Body and Life With Andre's 12 Week Program

A 12 week program where you learn everything you need to yourself. Learn all about weight loss, improving your sleep, how to exercise in a healthy manner, and lower your stress. Options for this DIY program can include some one on one coaching sessions also if you wish to add them in.

Here's What Clients Are Saying

David Davy

Listen to David Davy talk about his meeting with his Doctor telling him he had to make some changes and not delay. David came to me and we worked together for 12 weeks. The results were outstanding. David is a Sales Executive in the IT industry and is a Grandfather as well. He keeps busy when not working in the corporate sales world doing work on his farm in the outskirts of Melbourne. David has made some great changes in the way he thinks about health, his habits, and the importance of making great choices when it comes to food.

Justine Kiely-Scott Thoughts on Fitness Myths

Listen to Justine talk about how she is never going to the gym to do a 12 week challenge any more. This 34 Second video will dispel some myths of the “fitness industry”
She lost 8kgs working with me and cancelling her gym membership during COVID-19

Mike Madden

In this short 50 second video, listen to Mike Madden talk about where he was when he started with me and where he got to in 12 weeks, Such great work from this amazing man.

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Dr Mark Testimonial – Sack me in 12 Weeks

Sack me in 12 weeks is the title of this short 2min video from Dr Mark. Tune into this as it is a very short version of what he thought about the program.
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Jonathan Doyle

Listen to Jonathan talk about his results and how we worked together to help him lose 12kgs, train better and perform at a higher level.
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Richard Gibson

Richard Gibson worked with me when he was in England in a very busy Executive role in one of the worlds biggest food service companies. He is such a funny guy and was a pleasure to work with.

Here's What's Included In The Program

"My DIY program includes all the content, lessons and tools that my 1:1 programs have. The only difference is you are not paying for hours of 1:1 Coaching. You do have the option to bundle some coaching sessions in but these are optional. The DIY program stands alone as a great way to make change happen and learn things that will change our life"

-Andre Obradovic

12 Week Primal Health Coaching Institute Approved Course delivered via the "Andre Obradovic Coaching" App

Including information such as:

Daily messages to help keep you in track and motivated
A daily lesson about a different health topic to help you learn about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, health and wellbeing
In App messaging with me so I can answer your questions
Numerous handouts and worksheets that you can download from the app and keep forever
Reminders are sent to you in the app about your daily activities
You can track your own metrics in the app and I can see them to help keep you accountable
Workout Programs if applicable
MAF Method videos, Worksheets and downloads
Primal Food Pyramid
Primal Exercise Pyramid
Low Carb Banting Food List

Payment Option

Here's What Clients Are Saying

Andre, is professional, knowledgeable & affable coach who introduced me to a diet & life philosophy which helped me...

Doug Farndale

I started a 12 week program on the 30th of October 2021 after finding out from a friend about...

Sally Metcalf

My weekly routine includes about 6-8 hours cycling road, gravel and MTB; but after a very enjoyable 2020 Christmas-New...

Geoff - Satisfied Cyclist

I started to work with Andre after attending Andre's free webinars and after speaking with Andre multiple times and...

Edward Chertok

I engaged Andre for an 8-week program in order to take my fitness to what I considered to be...

Andrew Slavkovic

I was uncomfortable, fatigued and felt generally unwell and decided it was time to make an investment in my...

Ros Lindsey

Once upon a time I worked in an environment required a high level of athletic performance but after a...

Jason Draper

I saw something Andre posted on LinkedIn and got in touch with him and that conversation set me on...

Greg McKenna

I signed up with Andre aiming to loose the last of my stubborn baby weight, having had my third...

Rachelle Brisbane

Andre has been great to work with over the past 3 months. He has Extensive Knowledge and helped me...

Carolyn Martin

Andre is a fantastic coach! Andre’s end to end approach to health and fitness is absolutely spot on. In...


I have loved working with Andre. I lost 8kg in 10 weeks and felt so well supported the whole...

Justine Kiely-Scott

I came from a high level (elite amateur) cycling background, but with 2 new babies arriving within 11 months...

Andrew Doyle

I contacted Andre when my wedding was fast approaching and my current 'healthy' eating and crazy gym habits didn't...

Carly Ryan

Andre is a fantastic coach. For my 1st 70.3 Ironman he assisted with every element. He built a smart...

Geoff Cronin
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