Triathletes Should Embrace the Gym, Not Fear it!

The Importance of Strength and Power Training for Triathletes We seem to have this belief that we can’t miss a swim, ride, or run session, yet we are willing to miss the very session that can help us develop significantly for our sport. In my opinion, integrating strength, mobility, and power work into the training […]

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A Happy Ending You Will Want to Know About!

How I Found My Inner Wisdom The way my story started out is probably very similar to your current one, but it has a happy ending, and yours can too. In 2014, I was about 10 kg heavier than I am today. I was doing everything “right”; I was on a highly structured low-fat diet […]

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How is your Wheel of Life?

Are You in Balance? These days, when you ask someone “How are you?”, people typically respond with “Busy.” I bet as you read this, you’re thinking, “I’m so busy, maybe I can just scroll to the end and get the gist of this article.” Being busy has become somewhat of a badge of honor in […]

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Fat Adaptation for Endurance Performance

This article was originally published on July 19th in the USA Triathlon Coaches newsletter. Read here As a marathoner, I struggled for six years wondering why I could never lose the belly I had around my waist. I was following the prescribed low-fat, high-carb diet, running 70 kilometers a week and, at 48 years old, […]

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Why Do We Get FAT?

The Old Days Before we started believing the false science about fat and cholesterol, we were lean and did not develop many of the diseases that afflict a significant proportion of the world today. Prior to the 1970s, our grandparents and even some of our parents cooked with lard, butter, or duck fat. In those […]

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Choose Your Mindset

My personal story of investigating a growth in my brain that was affecting my eyesight is a great example of how controlling your mindset can help relieve unnecessary stress and optimize your performance. Every day, life throws a whole range of challenges our way. Whether it’s racing in a marathon, competing in your first triathlon, […]

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