Andrew Bewick

The catalyst for my decision to work with Andre was my (rapidly) declining performance on the hockey field.  I am certainly no superstar but I was now finding myself extremely frustrated with my inability to play like I knew I could. I set a measurable goal of making the Australian over 50 team to compete in the Masters World Cup in 2020. This is a team I had made the reserve list for previously but had not been selected at all in 2018.

I started working with Andre after many years of trying to reduce weight myself.  I had used the advice from various books and programs but had not achieved or maintained the results I wanted.  I decided to get a coach to help – probably should have been an obvious decision considering a hockey coach myself and regularly endorse the benefit of coaching to improve performance.

Andre was clear and concise with his advice and always extremely positive. We over-achieved my weight loss goals and was able to start some physical training to complement my preparation for the Australian Masters Hockey Championships.  I started at 86.4kg in July and travelled to Perth in late September at 76kg.  Suffice to say, my performance was enough to gain selection back into the squad.  While there is still work to be done to make the team I am on track and armed with the knowledge to achieve it.

The only disappointing aspect of the experience was the simplicity of the advice and my frustration with how long I had procrastinated before speaking with Andre.  The unexpected up-side was my wife’s involvement and subsequent loss of weight too – and she was less disciplined than me!  We are bth off to do more clothes shopping so make sure you budget for that.

 Andrew Bewick

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