Paula Morson

After witnessing amazing results of a friend, I contacted Andre to help me with how best I can prepare myself to run well into my senior years.  I ran my first Marathon at age 60 and was fortunate enough to tackle that distance for four consecutive years.  Then the pandemic arrived!  

 I was excited and happy after our initial meeting where we discussed building an aerobic base, low heart rate running using the Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) method, the importance of rest and recovery, injury prevention and switching from using sugars to using fats for fuel.  I didn’t realise how many carbohydrates I was eating. I now understand these carbohydrates were essentially just sugar. I soon noticed the difference of feeling good and strong at the end of a long run and this was very much welcomed.

2021 saw most events I was signed up for cancelled.  However, the Great Ocean Road Running Festival went ahead.  I ran a good race in the 14km event following Andre’s tailored program.

Andre provided great support during my six-month journey with him via our fortnightly meetings, providing an abundance of resources, podcasts and recipes to name a few.  You name it, he had it!

Low heart rate running takes time and lots of patience to master.  While I have made improvement, I know this can further improve and I continue to incorporate two MAF runs per week in my training.


Paula Morson - Melbourne

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