Maddy R

I started working with Andre almost six months ago via recommendation from a family member, and since then I have lost just a bit over 20kg. Before the program, my understanding of nutrition, sleep, exercise and overall health was skewed, which led to an unbalanced lifestyle and subsequent weight issues.

Andre dedicated the first few weeks of the program to re-education and guidance, taking each issue on the table one step at a time so that there was a gradual - but more successful - approach to positive change. Through this approach, I was able to correct the bad habits and implement healthier strategies in order to facilitate better weight loss.

I have not been successful with weight loss in any other program experience to date. What makes Andre different is that he focuses on education, routine and consistency, and hold his clients accountable. Additionally, his knowledge regarding how and why certain foods and activities are successful contributes heavily to understanding how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to achieve good health overall.

Lastly, I have appreciated Andre's support and guidance throughout the program, which has been one of the most significant factors to my success.

Maddy R - Sydney

Maddy prefers to remain anonymous

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