Stephen Dover

I worked with Andre for 3 months initially prior to travelling to a Swim Camp in Thailand in 2019. I wanted to lose a few stubborn pounds that I thought I could lose simply by exercising more. Andre and I worked on a Low Carb approach to nutrition that saw me lose those pounds with ease. I learnt how to change what and how I ate to reduce my carbs and at the same time I increased me swimming and weight training, which was the opposite of what I had thought would work.

Andre and I would meet every week using zoom and we would talk about my goals, my habits and he would monitor during the week and send me information and check in on me as required to help me stay on track especially during my pre COVID business travel. The things I have learnt have stuck with me to this day in 2021. If you want an experienced coach that works with you on what you want to change then I recommend Andre

Stephen Dover

Masters Swimmer



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