I’ve known Andre for many years, having worked with him professionally in our respective past corporate careers and know him to be someone that was always extremely dedicated in delivering value to his clients.

Over many years I had been trying to lose weight wading through all the ‘expert advice’ and myriad of diets, to no avail. I had recently retired and wanted to be able to enjoy my golden years feeling healthier – and hopefully living to a ripe old age. After following Andre’s LinkedIn articles and comments about weight loss and health, I signed up to one of his free introductory webinars.

This would have to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Through my own personal experience based on prior dieting attempts and the supposed ‘expert advice’ I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that the so called experts were WRONG and what Andre said solidified this for me as I believed what he said was right – I had never had someone explain it to me before. It all made complete sense, and I then knew why my previous dieting attempts failed. I signed up to the program then and there. 12 weeks later I have achieved my goal weight losing 10kgs and feeling significantly more alert, sleeping better, my blood pressure is now normal and I’m not hungry and snacking all the time like I was before.

I’m also 100% confident I will keep the weight off based on how I now feel and from what I have learnt. I was most surprised about how easy it was to lose the weight consistently week after week as compared to all other methods I’ve tried in the past – where I was always hungry.

If you are serious about improving your health, and want to feel mentally alert, energetic and just feel good generally, then I would highly recommend that you sit in on one of Andre’s introductory webinars and look into it more. Andre is super committed to supporting you and you can contact him anytime with questions as you go – you won’t regret it.


Grant - Canberra

(grant does not want his image or surname published but he is happy to confirm his feedback with possible clients)

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