Ros Lindsey

I was uncomfortable, fatigued and felt generally unwell and decided it was time to make an investment in my health. I signed up for 3 months of health coaching with Andre and am so glad I did.

As a 52-year-old woman I had previously found it extremely difficult to shift excess weight, especially around my middle. During the initial weeks my weight loss was slow, but Andre guided me through these difficult weeks to the point where I wasn’t hungry or craving carbohydrates, sugar, coffee or wine. The weight then just started to steadily drop and continues to.

I am sleeping well without apnoea and get up at dawn naturally most mornings as my body is more in tune with circadian rhythms, excited to go out and paddleboard. I have stopped my antidepressant medication and have lost 6kgs. My clothes are comfortably fitting again, and I feel great!

Andre’s program is not a diet but rather a lifestyle which is easy to continue. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been coached by Andre and for his individual support as well as the knowledge and guidance that he provided to me to help me achieve my health goals. I have learnt a lot and, as a nurse and public health professional, feel that this approach will have broader implications for public health in the future.

I recommend Andre as a health coach to anyone who is committed to taking action to improve their health. Your health is absolutely worth the investment, and I would encourage you to get in touch with him.

Ros Lindsey – Brisbane

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