Case Studies

Andrew Slavkovic

I engaged Andre for an 8-week program in order to take my fitness to what I considered to be the next level.  I had heard a lot about him and was interested in his philosophy on health and fitness which was different to the mainstream views. I was looking for a fresh perspective and after having a chat with Andre I knew he would be a great fit for me and what I was trying to achieve.  He was very knowledgeable and straightforward during our first chat.

We examined all aspects of my training – from nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. It was refreshing to see someone who took the time to find out what my goals where and the best way to work with me based on my personality.  Off this we built a program which I managed to easily sustain until the end and found it really enjoyable. I found Andre to be very knowledgeable and would constantly challenge my way of thinking and get me trying new things in both my diet and exercise.

After working with him I managed to achieve all the goals I set out to and left the program feeling refreshed.  I have taken away a lot of his tools and techniques and now apply them to my daily routines.

I would highly recommend Andre to not only individuals who not are only looking to make dramatic changes but also for people who are struggling to take their training to the next level.

Andrew Slavkovic


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