I'm Andre Obradovic

I help you optimise your life: the mental, physical and emotional.

At the end of the 2017 Season I was ranked 10th in the 50-54 Age Group in the Ironaman All World Athelete rankings for Australia in 70.3 Ironman (this is the top 5% of the Age Group)

As a speaker, ambassador and one of Australia’s leading mindset, health and well-being coaches, it is my mission to inspire people to optimise every aspect of their life, whether that means taking control, working through personal challenges, climbing the corporate ladder, improving sporting performance, or simply living a healthier and happier lifestyle.


Whether you are a stressed executive, a professional sportsperson, or simply wanting to improve your relationships and life in general, I will help you make change and regain control of your life. Together we can work on optimising your mental, physical and emotional strength so you can achieve your goals.

When you focus on optimising these key aspects of your life you will get results. I learned this the hard way. In 2013, after a long career in the military and as a corporate executive, I embarked on a new path that focused on my mental and physical wellbeing. Drawing upon my extensive experience in leadership positions, I trained as a coach and started working with individuals and businesses who wanted to help to overcome challenges, identify goals and achieve real outcomes.

A key part of my transition was my commitment to my health, nutrition and wellbeing, which has changed my life. As at the end of the 2017 Season I was ranked 10th in the 50-54 Age Group in the Ironaman All World Athelete rankings for Australia in 70.3 Ironman (this is the top 5% of the Age Group)

I strongly believe in the power of the brain, the way we think and the importance of food as a medicine for overall health and well-being.

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Memberships and professional associations:

  • Member of the Neuroleadership Institute
  • Accredited by CIRCADIAN® AUSTRALIA
  • Triathlon Australia
  • USA Triathlon
  • Fitness Australia

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Andre Obradovic - Accredited Development Coach 2016-17
Andre's Qualifications

What my clients have to say

“Given his passion for life, military experience, proven business achievement and demonstrated leadership qualities, I am pleased to recommend Andre as a person that will inspire all who are engaged with him in his mentoring, coaching and motivational speaking.” - Phillip, CEO, Telecommunications

Since working with Andre on my priorities in life, I am now healthier and fitter than I have ever been as well as being happier and much less stressed. This is due to Andre’s ability to guide me along a clear path that was before cloudy and seemed impossible. If you are at a stage in your life where you feel you need some assistance making a few key decisions or getting onto a path that will improve your health and wellbeing (mentally AND physically) then I highly recommend meeting with Andre. - Andy, IT Manager, Hospitality

“I have a small business that I love but causes me many stress both emotionally and time constraint wise. After each session I spend with Andre I feel more and more at ease. His ability to pick one or two things at a time for me to develop continues to help me improve both my business and quality of life.” - John Hampson, Tennis Coach, Sport

“Andre helped me identify the things that were most important to me, and worked through a range of practical steps and techniques which have been invaluable. I particularly found the insights from the sleep analysis especially useful, and now understand much more about how to manage my individual need for sleep, rather than following generic advice. Andre is sincere in his desire to see people live better lives and takes an individualized and compassionate approach to coaching.” - Senior Law Enforcement Officer

“I came to Andre with an overall level of life stress that was impacting my life. I am much wiser from the learning’s from unpacking my head with Andre…. I feel as though I know myself better and have a much better sense of life and what is important” Andrew, Partner Manager, Telecommunications

“I started working with Andre after a particularly challenging period at work which was having an impact on all aspects of my life. Working with Andre helped me to regain my confidence and clarify my focus and direction. Andre assisted me to plan the next steps in my career and formulate a strategy to execute my vision. Andre is an absolute professional, who always goes the extra mile to help me achieve my goals. I highly recommend Andre to anyone considering coaching, and can see a real value for me continuing to work with him as my coach.” - Phoebe, Content Strategist, Marketing

“With enthusiasm, energy and compassion Andre delivers a coaching program that is holistic and enables you to achieve the behaviours and attitudes required to have a calm and constructive life. He is curious and genuinely interested in what makes you “you” while bringing a wealth of health and wellness experience to immeasurably improve his client’s lives. By following Andre’s advice, I now eat more healthy, sleep more soundly and treat my relationships with more respect. The impact has been whole of life and I know that Andre is always available to talk through any issues that life inevitably throws our way. Highly recommended. “ - Jo, Strategy Executive

“Andre has been able to provide me with strong guidance with critical thinking and mentoring in relation to selecting new roles, where and how to add value as an incoming senior team member and how to maintain a healthy balance between work, family and fitness. “ - James, Sales Executive, Telecommunications

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