Case Studies

Jonathan Tooby

Over the last 15 years I have felt increasingly compromised by my weight, bought on by my poor eating and drinking habits. I also suffered poor sleeping habits, poor gut health and dehydration.

Working with Andre has been transformative for me, not just because I have lost 12kg in 12 weeks but because I now have a newfound awareness of what I need to do to maintain a healthy life that is not about crazy dieting and rigorous exercise. 

Drinking alcohol was a big fixture in my life before with Andre’s help I replaced this with cans of soda water. Along the way there were some challenges but with Andre’s help was able to overcome them with ease and importantly with his clear and informed explanations.

As a coach Andre was very direct and never diverted from the task at hand. He was always encouraging and checking in with me multiple times a week. He was always on call if I had a question, it was a very positive experience for me and I urge anyone who is keen to make a change in their life to sign up with Andre.

I have always been wary of many dieting programs and I am completely repelled by the gym so taking this on was not an easy choice but I can  honestly say  I feel I am now on my way to enjoying a longer and healthier life and I have no intention of returning to my old ways.

Jonathan Tooby

Artistic Director/Chief Conductor
Darwin Symphony Orchestra


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Don’t put up with being “normal” – not if your “normal” is excess weight; disrupted sleep; constant stress; endless exhaustion; or starving much of the day.

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