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I saw Andre's programme advertised through a military veterans webpage and after some of my own research on Andre, I made contact with him for my obligation-free first consultation. Andre's enthusiasm, knowledge and professional, no-nonsense approach struck a chord with me and I signed up to his 12 week programme.

My wife attended by first session with Andre upon Andre's advice and I am glad that she did. My wife immediately saw the logic and benefits Andre was talking about and we both embraced the programme.

I continued to meet with Andre on a weekly basis - firstly to concentrate on diet, food intake and nutrition. Next we moved on to fitness and preparation for my next marathon. Sharing this with my wife, we gained a thorough understanding of how simple it was to change bad habits to good habits in so far as what we eat and when we eat. The biggest gain in knowledge was understanding the relationship with carbs and how we can significantly reduce carbs (and body fat) yet still have yummy hearty meals that you look forward to eating!

My wife and I changed our life style and our teenage children had no choice but to come along on the journey with us. After a few grumbles from the boys and some gentle education for my daughter, the whole family understands the health benefits of a low carb diet.

The added bonus has really been for our 16 year old son who has diabetes type one. The reduction in carbs in his daily meals has meant a significant reduction in the number of insulin injections per day and the volume of insulin in those injections!!

After three months our low carb, healthy food diet has become a way of life. The results speak for themselves:

  • I lost 12 kgs and 10cm around the waist - and still losing
  • my wife lost 15 kgs
  • my wife and I have significantly improved our running
  • my wife's 'leaky gut' has all but cleared up
  • Bowel movements for both of us have significantly improved
  • my son's daily blood glucose levels are much more stable meaning less mood swings, less injections and lower volumes of (synthetic) insulin per injection

Working with Andre was stress free and easy - we met weekly through video conferencing at a time that was convenient to me. Knowing that I was meeting Andre weekly, assisted me to stay motivated and on-course with my dietary habits.

Neighbours and family have noticed the positive change in us and now come to us for serious discussions on how they too can improve the way they live.

Client Preferred not to use his name but he will discuss the testimonial with interested possible clients

Current Serving Military Officer

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