Case Studies

Micheal Crowe

14 weeks ago, I was 76kg. Now I have lost 11kg and 15cm of my waist. I’m still losing weight and my goal is to get to my ideal weight and reduce my BMI to a healthy range. My relationship with my food intake is 100% better, I’m rarely hungry and my sugar cravings are gone. My energy levels are great my skin complexion is looking fantastic and feel very confident. The body changes and the transformation for me have been overwhelming as has the compliment from people that I know have been astonishing. It has given them the motivation to join Andre’s coaching program.

When I meet with Andre I explain what I have done in the past week and he just listens, he then asks questions, which make me think about what I can do to make more change happen. When he shares his experience and knowledge it is very motivating. Initially he was keeping me on track, but now I find I understand the way of thinking and the actions that help me stay on track but when I get stuck he is always there for me. I am a big fan of the gym because it’s good for my mind and body, but I have moved away from spending hours in the gym trying to achieve my goals.

Get Healthy, Live Longer, Feel Great!

Don’t put up with being “normal” – not if your “normal” is excess weight; disrupted sleep; constant stress; endless exhaustion; or starving much of the day.

Work with me and I will deliver a world class individual coaching program that helps you truly optimise your life.

I’m living, breathing proof that you can change your health and optimize your life.

You simply need to have the right approach for you. Look at my clients see what they have done!