Tim Logan

I found Andre on LinkedIn. I was drawn to his style of being very upfront.
I was always an active person, I played numerous sports growing up. Further, my work and home life balance was out of whack. No matter how hard I tried to reign this in I couldn't make any real progress. Of course Covid-19 compounded to me ballooning to close to 250 lbs.

I couldn’t seem to make any positive gains in strengths or losses in weight. Enter Andre.

I elected to go with the 12 week program. I was so ready to get started! We of course focused first on diet. I found this to be extremely compelling – the high quality fat mixed with low carb
intake approach. I logged all my meals and quickly learned how to improve my eating. Though I work
from home, I made at least 6 trips out of town during the 12 weeks, some of which lasted a whole week.

Andre was very focused on these trips and gave me the confidence to navigate the stresses of air travel
while maintaining the diet.

I also dramatically reduced my alcohol intake. Dramatically. Eating quality food really revealed how
generally crappy alcohol makes me feel. Andre was giving me tools via diet to curb cravings. A real win-

From a physical fitness standpoint, I started walking, a lot. I really do relish this time to stretch my legs
and spend some quality time with our family dog. Towards the end of the program I began doing a bit of
strength training with the primal movements: squats, push ups and planks.

After getting my diet under control and daily walking, we started to focus on sleep. This is when I started
to learn more about breathing through my nose and the related benefits. I was asthmatic as a child and felt that I could have saved my folks a lot of time and energy as a kid if I had only learned some appropriate breathing techniques that Andre turned me on to.. Around this time I started to use mouth tape to keep my mouth gently closed throughout the night.

This dramatically improved my sleep and subsequent stress levels.
Here are a few things I notice from working with Andre:

Lost over 30 lbs in 12 weeks
Increased strength
Improved focus at work
Improved sleep
Reduced stress
Enjoy walking!

I can’t recommend Andre strongly enough. We still stay in touch via chat apps and even with me in the
US and Andre down under, I know we’ve formed a bond that will last for a lifetime.

Tim Logan, Oregon USA

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