Case Studies

Mark Miller

Andre is an inspiring role model and coach. I first came across Andre due to him being referred to by Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns in their 2019 book “Keto For Life”. As I am also located in Australia I reached out Andre – and have just concluded a three month nutrition and health coaching program with him.

While I had taken some tentative steps towards a LCHF nutrition approach prior to my work with Andre, my time with him has opened my eyes to the broader aspect of this approach and how each lifestyle factor impacts the others – ie nutrition, training and exercise, sleep, caffeine, stress and relationships and that the sum of the parts is a much greater outcome than the individual pieces.

I am now feeling healthier than I have in 30 years and am at a weight I have not been since I was at University in the 1980s. I am enjoying running and healthy exercise again!

I recommend Andre as a fitness, nutrition and health coach. His open and inclusive approach makes it easy to work with him – while he nevertheless holds you accountable – and importantly ensures you are accountable to yourself.

Thank you for sharing your deep knowledge and wisdom with me Andre.

Mark Miller



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