Case Studies

Edward Chertok

I started to work with Andre after attending Andre’s free webinars and after speaking with Andre multiple times and explaining my issues (not only weight).
When we started to work on my weight Andre provided instructions and also guided me on how to improve my overall lifestyle and this included
mental and physical aspects of my lifestyle.

At the beginning it was not easy for me to adjust and make changes and this is where Andre has helped me the most to actually make me change my mental approach to things and then results
started to come, first my weight started to go down without me starving and then the most amazing thing happened, my sleep, I started to sleep much better and feel my better.

After 6 weeks working with Andre, I was back running and Andre explained to me and guided me on how to actually run and enjoy it.
Before working with Andre I was running for 2+ years but I was never able to run more than 6 miles and I was suffering and suddenly I started to run much longer distances and started to enjoy it and
it came to the point where I signed to a Half Marathon and did my first Half Marathon (completed it in 2 hours and 5 minutes) and this happened just 7 weeks after I resumed my running.

I was able to completely change my lifestyle, I eat normal food (no more junk, no more sugar), I lost 17 kilograms without starving (when I started I was 101 KG and now I am 84 KG – 83 KG and I have no problems to maintain my weight) , I sleep much better, I run longer and overall feel much better.

I would like to recommend Andre to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle and start living healthier and happier live.

Edward Chertok –  USA


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