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My weekly routine includes about 6-8 hours cycling road, gravel and MTB; but after a very enjoyable 2020 Christmas-New Year I weighed in at 86kg. For over 7 months I struggled to get my weight back to “my normal” no matter the training duration and intensity.

Simultaneously, I was also looking for a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Andre and I had worked together many years ago, and so after seeing a LinkedIn post I thought I’d reach out to say hello.
I commenced a 12-week program that introduced me to a sustainable approach to eating that reduced my weight and introduced me to low intensity training (MAF Training) that increased my energy levels.

While my main goal was to establish a sustainable lifestyle, the first thing I noticed was immediate weight loss. I learnt that eating the right foods was the key to weight loss and energy levels. No longer did I feel
the need for morning tea including muffins etc., nor the afternoon snacks hiding in the pantry. Preparing wholesome and delicious meals has had a real social benefit too, it created an opportunity to try new and exciting dishes
previously deemed too much trouble to prepare. There are rarely leftovers and waist lines are still reducing.

Over time I introduced strength training; and I am now feeling the benefits in overall posture and strength on the bike. Climbing isn’t easy but is easier now there is less weight, and I have more strength and
energy. Now I can comfortably ride over 100km with minimal/no food. The performance gains on the bike are very real and sustainable.

In the short months since working with Andre I have maintained my sustainable lifestyle, improved my strength each month, while keeping the weight in control (over 12% reduction). I feel great and now
more confident than ever that I have reached a sustainable and realistic lifestyle that can accommodate any of life’s ups and downs, including craft beer.

Geoff - Canberra

Satisfied Cyclist

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