Duane Wolowiec

I have had the pleasure working with Andre during the last 3 months. I was really stuck in a rut and got caught on the conventional wisdom treadmill. I desperately wanted to increase my energy and lose some unwanted kilos. So I did what I thought was “right”. I ran harder, rode further pushing myself to fatigue and then ate more and pressed repeat! Sadly I was feeling more tired than ever and my weight didn’t reduce on the scales. In fact it went up...WHAT!!!

Then Andre appeared and changed my entire mindset (& my life) with his approach to health and fitness. He showed me how I could lose weight without putting myself through a painful exercise routine. In fact I lost a little over 8 kilos without any formal exercise routine and it was effortless.

I stopped feeling hungry 24/7 and Andre with his world class knowledge educated me that weight loss is not about how hard you push while exercising rather it is more about the right food choices and managing stress levels.

Andre listens to you intently and then provides you with the right tools to help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for a coach who will care about you and is just as committed in helping you achieve your goal as you are then you MUST speak with Andre.

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