Case Studies

David Davy

I have known Andre for many years, and I was always impressed how he changed his health and fitness. I had been thinking for a long time that I need to do something with my situation.

I was not overweight – highest was 83kg but I knew deep down that I needed to reset/tune my internal being. My sugar was heading quickly in the wrong direction, blood pressure was progressively rising and Cholesterol was too high (has been for decades) My doctor sat me down and gave me the reality check!
I picked up the phone, called Andre and I am so glad I did. Andre immediately sprung into action and set me on a path that has changed my approach and attitude to health and fitness. I lost 8 kilos without much effort really. It is true what they say – “you are what you eat”

Thanks to Andre, I have successfully tuned by body and I am feeling like I am 30 years younger today which has a massive impact on attitude, energy and appreciation of life.

If my story resonates with you, I highly recommend you do what I did, pick up the phone and have a discussion with Andre, you will not be disappointed

David Davy

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Don’t put up with being “normal” – not if your “normal” is excess weight; disrupted sleep; constant stress; endless exhaustion; or starving much of the day.

Work with me and I will deliver a world class individual coaching program that helps you truly optimise your life.

I’m living, breathing proof that you can change your health and optimize your life.

You simply need to have the right approach for you. Look at my clients see what they have done!