Michael Faure

I started working with Andre in February 2020 after hearing him on a Podcast. Straight away many of the topics Andre discussed resonated with me. During our first meeting he challenged many of my traditional beliefs about diet and exercise. I was an avid runner and was looking for overall improvement in my results which had stagnated over the past year or so. After we discussed my immediate goals Andre took a holistic approach, diet, training, lifestyle, and family. We agreed to tackle my diet first, although I was not what you would consider overweight, I was carrying excess fat and I was seriously addicted to Carbs like a lot of runners are! Andre mapped out an 8-week program for me to shed 5 kilos, I must say it was a resounding success, after 6 weeks I had reached my goal. Since I started the program and applying its principles, I have lost close to 9kgs and 8% body fat. I weigh less now than I did when I was in my 20’s.

The second part of my journey has been around the way I approach my running, I was in a rut, training hard, probably too hard, and not getting the results I thought I should have. Again, Andre challenged my thinking on training and process. Over the last 2 months Andre has been working with me to adapt to MAF training. Being an older runner, it has been a welcome transition. While it has taken the same dedication the stress on my body is much less. I have seen continued improvement over the last few weeks. My pace at my MAF heartrate continues to fall. I am excited for what this will deliver over the longer term. My goal is to continue to run well into 60’s and 70’s.

I would highly recommend Andre as coach, he will tell you straight, no sugar coating. He will challenge your beliefs and work with you to deliver results.

Michael Faure
56 Year Old Runner

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