Case Studies

Tim H

With a family history of diabetes and some personal experience with cancer I figured it was time to try something else. I was one of the typical blokes who played lots of sport years ago but continued to eat and drink anything and ignored the additional kilo or 2 each year since. I eventually contacted Andre after hovering close to my personal worst at 125kg. To be honest likely more. I was skeptical and almost blasé when he explained what was possible. Well we blew that away pretty quickly with results. Long story short 21kgs in 4 months.

I was not an exemplary participant, but importantly learnt the principles of eating properly, and with some guidance, learnt to deal with social, work and Christmas functions with not too much impact. This is an important point because I didn’t rely on a strict diet plan ( I have been disciplined on the whole ) and planned for how to stay on track.

Aside from picking up the fundamentals, the value of the coaching for me was answering questions like: Can I eat X? What’s the best option? What do I do for gut health? Is this normal? How do I ramp this up? I have 3 days at a work offsite – what’s the best approach?

Also, feedback like “it’s working, just keep doing what you’re doing” rather than being concerned with sticking to a timetable was great.

I appreciated the communication approach too – Andre quickly adapted to my preferred approach of getting straight to the point so each interaction was valuable.

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