Shelly Duncan

Having known André for over 10 years, I've always admired his dedication to health and wellness. So when I was struggling with a bit of extra weight that I found hard to shift, I decided to reach out to Andre for help. Knowing his focus on primal health, I was eager to learn from his approach and hopefully see some positive changes in my own lifestyle. I embarked on Andre's 12-week coaching program feeling optimistic that with his guidance, I could face the challenges ahead. I hoped incorporating Andre's methods would lead to tangible benefits. I'm pleased to report that working with Andre exceeded my expectations and set me on a path to better health.

Over the 12 weeks, I lost 6 kilos at a steady, sustainable rate that worked with my busy corporate commitments and life as an older parent to a young toddler. I was pleased that the weight came off gradually, averaging about 0.5 kilos per week, which felt achievable even with my hectic schedule. This steady progress, along with improved sleep and reduced stress, gave me a newfound confidence in my health journey. I felt assured that I could continue losing weight at this manageable pace, without the drastic spikes and valleys I had experienced in the past. For me, this steady and lasting approach was the big achievement.

Andre's approach to coaching is what truly sets him apart. His expert guidance in weight loss and exercise was undoubtedly beneficial, but what resonated with me the most was his emphasis on mindset. Andre not only coached me to overcome physical challenges but also equipped me to handle life's adversities with a more resilient mindset. This transformation was apparent when I was made redundant. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspects, I leveraged this change as an opportunity to venture into the entrepreneurial world and now have the opportunity to work on my own terms.

One of the most significant takeaways from this program was Andre's teaching about the importance of balance in life. The tools and strategies he equipped me with helped me manage my work-related stress and reconsider the cost of a hectic lifestyle. I am now more mindful of maintaining a balance between my work and personal life, ensuring that neither affects my health negatively.

Andre taught me to re-evaluate conventional wisdom and tune into what truly fuels me, He provided the knowledge, tools, and support I needed to create consistency. The intuitive and easy to use app allowed me to work with the program to suit my daily routine, which meant I was going to stick to it.  I emerged with renewed self-belief, sustainable habits, and a healthier mindset.

For meaningful lifestyle changes, I'd wholeheartedly recommend his approach.

Shelly Duncan

Consultant, Advisor, Coach

Marketing | Channel Development

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