Sanket Beri

I would highly recommend talking to Andre if you are ready to change your health for the better.

Pre Weight = 100.4
Post program (12 weeks) = 85.7

I bumped into André on LinkedIn via a post that a common contact had posted.
I’d been struggling to prioritize my health , get it back on track for over a year now. I read a lot of testimonials on Andre’s website and LinkedIn, and that gave me confidence that I wanted to try it out.

The program:

  • it’s simple and easy to follow; , not a diet, - more a lifestyle which helps you focus on building better eating habits
  • Andre uses a lot of data points - smart watch sleep data, fitness data, timings for eating meals, moods, and energy levels , and the weekly calls go through those points to help setup the next week
  • Weekly 1-1 calls that help establish goals and progressively help you move forward
  • Andre is available via text whenever you need advice regarding food or anything else you need
  • you feel supported end-to-end through the program
  • I had great results, and on top of that, it helped me understand certain food myths better

It's now been a month since the 12 week program finished, and I’m still continuing to build on the great foundations that Andre has helped with.



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