Andrew Doyle

I came from a high level (elite amateur) cycling background, but with 2 new babies arriving within 11 months of each other my training was significantly reduced and eating habits slipped into whatever was quick and easy.
I got used to waking up every morning feeling sore and fatigued, then having that fatigue sit with me all day. I assumed it was just due to the tiredness that comes with being a new parent.

I finally woke up one morning with a sense that it was my diet that was causing the problems. I was introduced to Andre and, whilst weight loss was my primary goal (I ended up going from 82kg to 73kg in 13 weeks) the major benefit was the knowledge acquired around diet which sent my energy levels through the roof and kept them at a high level all day with no post meal crashes, my body felt great (no more inflammation) and I have now built a knowledge base and set of skills which will remain with me for good.

Andrew Doyle


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