Justine Kiely-Scott

I have loved working with Andre. I lost 8kg in 10 weeks and felt so well supported the whole time. I feel amazing, not just because I have lost the weight and look better but also having reduced my sugar and gluten, I feel less bloated, my skin is clearer and my osteoarthritis pain in my knees (my main motivation for the weight loss) has decreased considerably.

I have been on many diets over the years and this did not feel like a diet. Whilst I do use intermittent as a weight management tool weekly, I didn’t feel like this was stressful or hard to do. With Andre’s support I have made some food choice lifestyle changes that will continue indefinitely.

Checking in with Andre each week helped keep me focussed and I really liked the way he gently steered me in the right direction by asking me questions on what I might need to change or adjust to reach my goals. So, from this perspective, I felt like the weight loss strategies we developed were specifically tailored to suit my needs and for that reason will be sustainable.

Justine Kiely-Scott


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