Igor Glogovac

I watched a show on YouTube where Andre was a guest. I loved what Andre has to say about lifestyle change and healthy approach to it. I was struggling to lose weight for years as none of the mainstream approaches didn’t work for me or it wasn’t sustainable. I called Andre straight away and we started with a 12 weeks program. I’ve achieved amazing results, not only that I’ve lost 15kg, but I’ve learned what to eat, how to exercise to improve health and stay healthy in a sustainable way. Andre set me up for life. It is a complete lifestyle change for me and for my family as well.

I honestly didn’t think that I could ever lose my beer belly, now my XL shirts look more like I’m wearing a dress. Luckily, I’ve got lots of shirts left when I was younger and slimmer.
Also, I feel a lot happier, as the food I eat is very easy to prepare and the new exercise regime I’m doing is fun.

Andre is a very professional, invested coach. He went above and beyond my expectations. He took a holistic approach to my fitness and wellbeing.

I would highly recommend Andre as coach, he will tell you straight, no sugar coating. He will challenge your beliefs and work with you to deliver results.

Igor Glogovac

Engineer - Western Australia

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