Geoff Steer

I have known Andre for over 30 years and have witnessed first-hand his drive, dedication and
passion for whatever he has turned his mind to. I watched with interest as Andre transitioned into the health coaching space, initially focusing primarily on his own health and fitness. But still I was a sceptic, thinking I can look after myself.

It was a few years after I was diagnosed as diabetic, and the doctor starting to sound increasingly concerned as to the trend, that I opened my mind to thinking about what support I needed … and Andre was right there.

What a difference he has made. He has educated, coached and supported me to achieve results that he assured me were achievable, but, I must admit, I doubted I were possible. 

Whilst weight loss wasn’t the primary objective, I have lost 9 kgs with a simple focus on what I eat rather than how much and have seen blood sugar levels fall to levels that my doctor can only say – “keep doing what you are doing”.

I can’t deny the results and Andre got me there. The learnings will ensure I stay there.

Geoff Steer - Golfer


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