Craig Davis

I’m a 55-year-old man, who had consistently failed to stick to my New Year's resolutions! I decided that 2023 would be different. I wanted to lose weight and improve my cholesterol levels. I’d been working with a dietitian for several years. It was good nutrition, but there was no weight loss. Andre offers a no-nonsense approach. (Warning - if you’re a bit of a snowflake, then perhaps Andre might not be the best coach for you!)

When necessary, he was very flexible with rescheduling coaching sessions. I could always send him a message and get a considered response in a timely fashion. I did before and after blood work and saw improvements across all markers.

From 105kg to 90kg in 4 months, a 14% reduction in body weight. (I went traveling for a few weeks during my coaching with Andre, so my program was extended.) My body fat decreased from 20.1% to 16.9%.

The best feature is that it was easy to stick to the plan. It's almost embarrassing how easy it was...

Pay your money. Listen to Andre. Do what he tells you. Stick to the plan. Lose the fat! 4 months later and I have kept the weight off. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. Thank you, Andre.

Craig Davis

Retired Army Officer

(Craig prefers not to use his real surname or photo) He is happy to be a reference if needed

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