Weigthloss Coaching

Just 6 years ago I was 14kgs heavier than I am now, I was starving all the time, I was running 70kms, I was exhausted from a busy work and family life all the time constantly stressing about eating and food. It got to a point where I hit rock bottom and went looking for better answers. I found the answers they made me healthier, stronger and more competitive all without suffering.I can help you find the answers just like my amazing clients have. If you really want to make change happen then apply to work with me. I provide everything you need and I work with you one on one as your dedicated coach.

Program Inclusions

Mindset Change Coaching

Initially we focus on Goals, Mindset, Beliefs, Habbits, Planning & Execution

Informative Content

Access to Real Meal Revolution World Leading LCHF Educational Platform


Andre will respond to your messages between sessions

Cooking Lessons and Recipes & Meal Plans

Hundereds of LCHF Recipies, Meal Plans, Cooking videos

Dedicated Support

Andre is your one on one dedicated Coach

Shopping List Tool

Easily build your weekly shopping list, email it, print it, save it

Weekly Coaching Session

Stay on track, stay motivated, get results, we meet once a week,

Tracking Tool

Track your Macro Nutrients, build custom meals, insert RMR recipies and serving sizes in a flash