Sleep Coaching

Have you considered the damage that a poor night’s sleep is doing to your health, performance and general wellbeing?

Certified by CIRCADIAN® AUSTRALIA, I combine world class technology and fatigue management coaching to help individuals improve their sleeping habits and overall performance.

Using the Readiband™, I provide Readiband™ sleep reports that determine how much sleep an individual is getting, and also how efficient that sleep is.

If you are feeling lethargic, struggling with energy and can’t get a full night sleep, my Sleep Analysis Improvement Program will help you identify underlying issues damaging your sleep quality, and then work through these issues.

Following the initial 14 day study, you will receive a report that identifies trends and issues in your sleep patterns, and how they are impacting on your day to day life. You can then choose to move into a four month Optimise coaching program where I will work closely with you to identify the underlying issues and work towards improving your sleep habits, boosting energy levels, and optimising your performance. Select from the 2 programs below.

Capture + Insights

Package includes:

  • Initial Readiband and 14 day study – Capture
  • Initial sleep report analysis – Insights
  • 1 hr initial coaching session – Optimise

Capture + Insights + Optimise

Package includes:

  • Initial Readiband™ and 14 day study
  • Initial sleep report analysis
  • 1 hour initial coaching session – Optimise
  • Access to online learning videos on sleep
  • 3 monthly coaching sessions (1 hour) Optimise
  • Readiband™ and 14 day study
  • Second sleep report analysis


“By following Andre’s advice, I now eat more healthy, sleep more soundly and treat my relationships with more respect. The impact has been whole of life and I know that Andre is always available to talk through any issues that life inevitably throws our way. Highly recommended.”

– Jo, Strategy Executive

“Andre helped me identify the things that were most important to me, and worked through a range of practical steps and techniques which have been invaluable. I particularly found the insights from the sleep analysis especially useful, and now understand much more about how to manage my individual need for sleep, rather than following generic advice…”

– Senior Law Enforcement Officer

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