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Why am I a Professional Partner with the Healthy Chef?

The Healthy Chef is a company that is passionate about health + wellbeing. Their aim is to get people eating healthier, so we can all live better lives that are filled with health and happiness.

As a professional partner of the Healthy Chef we are proud to represent the amazing product range. But even more importantly we feel our values are strongly aligned between the brands to help Optimise our client’s lives in all three aspects the Mental, Physical and the Emotional.

Why did we choose the Healthy Chef Range?

Our family has used The Healthy Chef products since inception and many of our clients use them every day as part of their health programs. The products are created with the highest quality raw ingredients with no by-products – just pure wholefoods free from chemicals, preservatives, fillers, artificial sweeteners, gums, sugar, vegetable oils and GMO. All of the products are also cold processed to preserve protein structure, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This philosophy strongly aligns with our approach to Low Carb Healthy Fat and Paleo Lifestyle.

How do you access the range?

As a client of ours we provide samples, we can sell products also although this is not our focus, and we also often share some of the wonderful creations from Teresa’s latest recipes when you visit for coaching sessions at our office. The fastest way to get your own products is to visit the website.

Andre’s Favourite Products

Andre's favourite products from The Healthy Chef - Organic Superfood – Antioxidant 210g.
Andre's favourite products from The Healthy Chef - Organic Pea Protein – Natural 420g.
Andre's favourite products from The Healthy Chef - Natural Immune Support –  250g.