Endurance Coaching with a counter-intuitive approach

Endurance coaching programs that #Optimise your performance, from the coach that at the end of the 2017 Season was ranked 10th in the 50-54 Age Group in the Ironman All World Athelete rankings for Australia in 70.3 Ironman (this is the top 5% of the Age Group)

If you are thinking about under taking a triathlon and looking for a coach give Andre a go, he is a straight shooter but he will give you great training programs, advice, mentorship and friendship. In fact we are going to race Geelong 70.3 together in 2019

– Matt Gorrie

Sunshine Coast 70.3 2018

His ability to instill the importance of quality sleep and monitoring your heart rate for overall health and wellness so you can perform as an athlete was second to none. He will guide, inspire and empower you to achieve your full potential

– Barb Subjansky

World Championship 70.3 Qualifier 2018

I loved the structure of the programs. Andre was extremely flexible in his approach. I had many doubts, but Andre’s patience and guidance kept me going and motivated me to do as much as I could with whatever time and facilities I had available. Andre’s coaching was very holistic, and made sure that I was very prepared and practised in all aspects for race day. I really think this made all the difference. My aim was to finish the Ironman, but in the end I smashed it and actually enjoyed every minute of the race. I am 100% sure that thanks to Andre’s coaching, I was able to not just complete the Ironman, but truly enjoy every minute of the day, and do it in a much quicker time than I ever thought possible.

– Rachel DuBois

Ironman Cairns 2017

Andre is a fantastic coach. For my 1st 70.3 Ironman he assisted with every element. He built a smart training program for me and helped get my nutrition right. On race day, we got prepared, spent time on mindset and what to expect. This included race tactics and transition rehearsals.

He is very approachable, knowledgeable and has a great motivational manner. I would recommend Andre as a 5 star coach (10/10) and will be engaging with him for my tilt at the full Ironman in 2018.

– Geoff Cronin

Cairns 70.3 2017

Andre is not a coach who just hands you a workout routine with Swim-Bike-Run workouts.

He does not make you feel guilty or less of an athlete if you miss a  session or your body is too

exhausted to accomplish a long ride.  Andre has a well rounded  approach to his clients.

He stays in touch and truly cares about his athletes and wants us to see our own success.

– Amy Kihlstrom

When I met Andre I could barely swim about 1k with a pool boy between my legs to keep my legs up in 25min. Over 4 months, I developed my swimming to allow me to complete a 1.9k ocean swim in 38min on race day. For me this was fantastic.
Andre coaches athletes in an individual way that suits them. His programs are suited to you and not the other way around.
The biggest impact to me as an athlete with Andre’s personal knowledge. I significantly benefited from Andre’s experience and approach, so would you.
Massive big thank you to Andre.

– Matt Gorrie

Vietnam 70.3 2016

Personal Triathlon Coaching

Leave conventional Stupidity behind

Any Location
Limited to 10 Clients Only
Billed monthly  (3 months minimum)

*All clients will be interviewed and a custom program and price will be developed for each client. Prices range from $335 per month and increase depending on your requirements.

All clients will be interviewed prior to acceptance into our special coaching program.

By working with me you will get a customised approach that suits you. The program is built around your goals, lifestyle and stage of athletic development. Your program will be based on a Primal Approach to Training, and Life with a heavy focus on Low Carb Nutrition, Stress Management, Quality Training and appropriate rest and recovery. This will delivery results you have never seen before.

Program inclusions available:

  • A customised Training Program built using Today’s Plan
  • Maximum Sustained Power Protocol Workout Plan
  • Phone/email/ support as needed
  • Regular Zoom Video based Coaching meeting
  • Maximum Aerobic Function Methodology
  • Stryd Power Based Running Protocol
  • Swimming Program
  • Bike Power Analysis and reccomendations
  • Low Carb Nutrition and Racing Fueling Planning Process
  • Real Meal Revolution LCHF Platform Access
  • Mindset coaching – mental preparation

Introduction to Endurance Running

Any Location
Limited to 10 Clients
Billed monthly

Everything you need to commence your journey into Endurance Running

Program Includes:

  • Client specific 4 week training block programs
  • General advice activation and strength exercises for runners
  • Phone/email/skype support as needed
  • Low Carb Nutrition Guidance
  • Motivation support
  • One on one running clinic (extra cost available)

Customised Marathon Coaching

Any Location
Limited to 10 Clients
Billed monthly

Everything you need to run your first or 10th Marathon

Program Includes:

  • A customised Training Program built using Today’s Plan
  • Maximum Sustained Power Protocol Workout Plan
  • Phone/email/ support as needed
  • Maximum Aerobic Function Methodology
  •  Low Carb Nutrition and Racing Fueling Planning Process
  • Stryd Power Based Running Protocol (additional fees apply)
  • Real Meal Revolution LCHF Platform Access (additional fees apply)

Strength Training for Cyclists, Swimmers & Runners

Billed monthly

Build Power and Strength for your sport

Program Includes:

  • A Customised Training Program using Visual Coaching Pro
  • Maximum Sustained Power Protocol Workout Plan
  • Phone/email/ support as needed

Training Sessions – Melbourne

Pricing based on time and location
Rates start from $70 per hour

These sessions would be conducted at your venue/location or one that I currently use.

*Note additional fees may be incurred for gym fees as required.  If you Train with me at the Eltham Lesiure Centre a gym fee for PT is $70 per hour.

Program Includes:

  • Sessions sport/race specific
  • Technique sessions where we focus on skills
  • Mindset and motivation coaching on performance
  • Race preparation Training
  • Running Sessions

Sports performance mindset coaching

Any Location

With my experience of running 10 Marathons and countless Half Marathons, and consistently placing in the top 15% of my age group and being 10th in Australia in my age group in the Ironman AWA Rankings for 70.3 (half Ironman racing in 2017) . I have a deep understanding or what it takes physically and mentally to race and hit your goals.

Program Includes:

  • Initial session to identify of your fitness/race goals
  • Leverage my experience in areas such as (flexible delivery):
    – The power of the brain in your winning strategy;
    – How to make your training a part of your life;
    – How to integrate positive nutrition, sleep and habits into your life; and
    – Motivation to achieve.
  • Option to progress to a annual or event specific periodisation training plan and athlete coaching.


  • Level 1 USA Triathlon Coach certified
  • Triathlon Australia Development Coach
  • Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) Hay Group
  • ANSI API RP-755 FRMS Fatigue Training Online course for Supervisors and holds a CIRCADIAN Certificate of Completion.
  • Mindset Coaching Levels 1 & 2 Fire Up Coaching
  • Diploma of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Fire Up Coaching
  • Hernamn Brain Dominance Certification
  • International Coaching Federation PCC Level
  • Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching – Certificate 00071 Fire Up Coaching
  • HLT32412 Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
  • SIS30313 Certificate III in Fitness
  • HLT42512 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance
  • SIS40210 Certificate IV in Fitness
  • BICA Indoor Spin
  • Certified Banting (Low Carb Healthy Fats) Coach Nutrition Coach Real Meal Revolution
  •  Professional Training in Low Carb Practice certified by the Nutrition Network
  • Currently in process of certfiying in the Primal Endurance Mastery Coaching Course

I am proud to work with these companies that help deliver unconventional results for serious athletes

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