Case Studies


I contacted Andre because a friend at work was raving about how much he’d helped her lose a few stubborn kilos. I had been quite overweight for a while – the kilos had crept up and I was blaming middle age, the stresses of life and work, and no amount of beating myself at the gym was helping. I was beginning to give up, but I didn’t want to because I have always been active – I love hiking and even running. I didn’t want to be the chubby kid trailing at the back all the time, out of breath.

So I started with Andre. His nutritional advice made sense. I tracked what I ate and soon got into a pattern where I was eating completely unprocessed food, cutting out all added sugars and suddenly I realised I wasn’t hungry all the time. Plus dropping kilos! I was fueling my body well and I felt great. I no longer felt the late afternoon slump, where I would eat sugar to boost my energy and almost always made poor choices.

The weekly sessions with Andre were educative; we covered a range of topics that helped me understand how important sleep was, how to exercise sensibly without raising my stress levels and how to carve out the time to focus on me and my health. I can’t over-emphasise how significant it has been to me to learn how to focus on getting enough high quality sleep – literally life-changing.

Andre was continually understanding and supportive, and helped me to think for myself and trust that I can make the right choices. I was most afraid that I would not be able to maintain my health journey and the weight that I have lost without Andre, but he help me ‘wean’ myself off him, moving to fortnightly and then monthly sessions.

Now I know that he’s there if I need him at the end of the phone, text or whatever. I’m off hiking this weekend – stronger knees, moving more easily and feeling great. I have lost over 20 kg and I owe it to Andre’s calm and sensible belief in me.




Yasmine on a hike before we started work together. Look at the amazing difference. Working together has really changed her life.


Yasmine after working with me and making her amazing healthy life transformation. At the time of these photos she had lost over 20kgs which is over 20% of her body weight.

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