Scott Baker

If I had to describe working with Andre in two words, very simply it would be “life changing”. I’ve tried short term fixes, Personal Trainers and Chinese herbal “diets” - all ironically more expensive than Andres program which not only works but is sustainable and very simple! 

 If you’d said for the investment I’d be where I am in 12 weeks I’d of jumped at it or thought not possible. I lost 11kgs and have never felt healthier. Everyone has something else they can do with the money, but the reality was for the cost an airline ticket, a few dinners out etc, my life has been transformed. My body, my mind, my happiness and future wellbeing have significantly improved.

  Andre’s coaching is a combination of education, motivation, and most of all accountability to start with sustainable changes and challenge your traditional ways. His direct but fair questioning - “what’s stopping you?”, his simple approach to small short-term goals, the right balance of science and practical help all work to get the desired outcomes.

 One example was my fear of ocean swimming, Andre challenged me by questioning where the fear was coming from and set about a plan to overcome it, “what’s stopping you from going this Sunday and having a swim?” “Once you do, send me a photo”.  I had the support and accountability from Andre, and to be honest, roadblocks of excuses removed with this and many other things during this time.

 Not only did I lose 11kgs, but I am sleeping better, have significantly more energy, confidence, clarity of mind, and in shape!

 I am now 3 weeks away from completing my first triathlon. Great outcomes from this work are that the whole family are healthier, sleeping better, eating better, exercising more and my wife and I have become positive health role models for our children. My only regret, I wish I’d engaged Andre sooner. 

Scott Baker - Sydney


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