Ruth Bailey

At the end of 2015, I was the largest I had ever been and was heading towards a number on the scales that I did not want to see. I started a virtual gastric banding via hypnotherapy program and for the most part this was a success. I lost 20kg. But slowly, I started to slip, regained 10kg and again started to head in a direction I was not happy with.

In September 2017, I noticed Andre was offering a group coaching program so I decided to join. 9 weeks later I was very pleased with the results. I lost 12 kgs and my skinny clothes fitted better than ever!

I am feeling clear of mind, fitter, my skin is looking great and I am just feeling fantastic. Andre has been a tremendous support and is very encouraging. I have found the program easy to follow and actually supportive in regards to keeping on track. There is everything you need to learn new things, track your progress and of course great recipes. Now it is a way of life not only for me but for my family.

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