Case Studies

Peter Johnson

I decided to join Andre’s program following a post Christmas splurge on alcohol and sugar. My reasoning was that I could not put a price on my health and my physique. I had been training and dieting for many years. I own a gym and have a formal qualification in fitness, but no matter what I did I could not get my weight below 72kgs.

Andre said that within 3 months, my weight would drop from 77kgs to 68kgs. I would get to my 2018 goal of an 83cm waist measurement. This was on 1st February and would happen by 11th April. Now here we are on March 17th. My weight is down to a mind-blowing 67.6kgs and my waist a mere 79cms. All in around 6 weeks.

Mate, no matter what you charge, the investment is so great. The only negative is that I am slowly buying a whole new wardrobe. The old clothes are being given away as I will never need them again. Thanks so much

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