Case Studies

Nathan Cannon

Over the last 5 years I had slowly increased my weight a couple of kilos every year. I was in my ‘fat man suits’ for work and was struggling to drop the weight. I was scrambling trying different programs, intermittent fasting, cleaner eating etc and training 4-5 days per week in CrossFit but not really paying enough attention to what really counts to lose the weight – ‘my diet’!

I listened to a Joe Rogan podcast with Mark Sisson and then googled coaches of Mark Sisson methodology and found Andre Obradovic. Andre is in the Top 7 coaches of recommended by the Primal Health Coaching Institute founded by Mark Sisson methodology in the world and after discussing the program with Andre I signed up straight away.

Over the last 12 weeks I dropped 10.6kg, but more importantly gained the knowledge and understanding from Andre about why I struggled to lose weight previously and now how, what, when to eat going forward.
My wife joined in with me during the last 12 weeks losing 9kg herself. This approach is a life long change and isn’t difficult.

Twelve weeks ago if you asked me about my diet I would have said we were extremely healthy, we ate clean 90% of the time, always cooked meals at home, rarely eating out, making meals from scratch, avoiding preservatives etc etc.

Now I have a much better understanding and feel fantastic.

Nathan Cannon



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