Matthew Gorrie

I have been working with Andre for just over a year before entering and completing the Geelong 70.3 ironman, and Andre has helped me on so many levels that I have hugely appreciative of.  As like most triathletes we tend to be hard charging type A personalities where it’s all, or nothing. The biggest improvement to myself working with Andre has been his ability to reason with me that there is a time and place for an all or nothing approach but sometimes that is not the case.  

I was a person that would read and follow people on the internet about the best and latest dietary improvements that could be made to improve your triathlon time.  I would follow this with regards to Ketogenic diets, carnivore diets, fasting and eating one meal a day. This left me feeling good with day to day living if I had to do no training, but working with Andre got me to realise and get out of my own head and step back and really think about what I was doing and was this beneficial to my training and race preparation.  Now after working with Andre I don’t class my eating habits as anything other than fuelling for the work required in my training schedule. I have seen great improvements with this approach in both my training and my day to day life.  

I love the fact that Andre listens to your life stresses and modifies your training to that and understands that this is meant to be a hobby and enjoyable.  Andre regularly makes contact to see how you're feeling, sleeping and how your stress levels are going.  

This all help greatly with a very enjoyable and stress free 70.3 race in Geelong.  I had the privilege to race at the same race as Andre in Geelong and that was hugely beneficial in how he approached the race both mentally and physically.  I normally worry greatly about the swim but in Geelong Andre and I met up and did a swim the morning before which greatly improved and reduced my race day nerves.  

If you are on the fence in either working with Andre as a triathlon coach or a life coach, I have found benefits in both areas working with Andre and am greatly appreciative and am looking forward to another year of working with him. 

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