Anthony Leverington

For many months I’d be noticing Andre’s LinkedIn posts and how he had been helping others get to their ideal weight. During Covid I had slowly crept up to 81kg which for me was about 6 kg over what I thought was my ideal weight. Even though I was exercising daily I just couldn't lose weight. After talking to Andre I realised that I was making some basic errors. After 6 weeks I hit the 75kg mark but l realised I could do better.

After 12 weeks I weighed in at 67Kg which is the lightest I have been since my teens. All this without changing the amount of exercise I was doing. Using some of the MAF techniques I learnt to exercise smarter.

The tools that Andre provided me, combined with the weekly Zoom sessions educated me not only how to lose weight but how to change the way I think about food. What I really needed was guidance and to be held accountable.

Anthony Leverington


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