Case Studies

Amy Kihilstrom

Andre is not a coach who just hands you a workout routine with Swim-Bike-Run workouts. He does not make you feel guilty or less of an athlete if you miss a workout session or your body is too exhausted to accomplish a long ride. Andre has a well rounded approach to his clients.

He helped me restructure my nutrition intake and I am feeling more energized. My hormones are starting to settle down, I am seeing gains in my weight lifting at the gym, I am sleeping SO much better, I have great workouts with energy to spare and he is helping to encourage me to get my stress levels down. He was instrumental in helping me see what my body needed just by monitoring my RHR (Resting Heart Rate).

Andre really and truly cares about his clients. It is more than a job for Andre, it is his passion. He is quite knowledgeable and practice what he preaches.

If you are open and honest with Andre as your coach you will achieve amazing results. You will find a stronger, healthier more confident version of yourself. Andre is a straight shooter when he speaks and I find that not only necessary but refreshing.

He stays in touch and truly cares about his athletes and wants us to see our own success.

Get Healthy, Live Longer, Feel Great!

Don’t put up with being “normal” – not if your “normal” is excess weight; disrupted sleep; constant stress; endless exhaustion; or starving much of the day.

Work with me and I will deliver a world class individual coaching program that helps you truly optimise your life.

I’m living, breathing proof that you can change your health and optimize your life.

You simply need to have the right approach for you. Look at my clients see what they have done!